With its 25 training center in Italty, ENGIM creates several networks with companies in order to provide a tailor-made training that also responds to the needs of the labor market. Its main activities are in the field of youth education, adult education, ICT, Energy and environment and sustainable mobility where ENGIM is in charge of post-diploma and post-graduate courses. The networks involve other educational organizations, companies, universities, research centers and local authorities.

Over the years ENGIM has also developed know how in e-learning and content management systems by developing on-line courses and providing innovation tools for distance learning. In 2020, using a streaming platform and some webcams, ENGIM started its experience with the augmented laboratory was created: a real environment that is shared and experienced "virtually" even by students physically very far from it. For the augmented laboratory ENGIM decided to use the docu-reality model (documentary + reality), the television format that airs informative and educational contents through real-life filmed scenes, like the traditional documentary.

Many activities are related to work placement: the recently introduced dual system, apprenticeship, participation to local contexts and other projects. In order to provide updated skills, we have recently engaged in a series of activities parallel to the “standard training”, such as Training Enterprises: they are innovative models capable of activating professional/personal empowerment processes for the development of technical professional skills and soft skills of young people, with learning by doing and work experience processes. These activities allow students to have working experience in a safe environment and, at the same time, experiencing real customers and real money which is then used for educational activities.

A very important activity for ENGIM is the EU planning. ENGIM is involved in EU projects, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, to promote international mobility of students, teachers and staff. Other EU projects involve ENGIM in the exchange of good practices with other european VET institutions.